As a student at NCAD (National College of Art and Design) finding that being part of NCAD seems to open up doors in directions where an Artist or Designer should be heading. Having a great portfolio of clients NCAD connects their students in the right direction to promote professional practice activities in the area of fine art creations and design.

        Along with Art and Design creating, NCAD hold their students to a rigirous academic structure which lends itself to a strong professional practice in the world of Art and Design. Leaving their students with an international academic ability to progress in their chosen field.



Artist Statement

        Curious about creations of an artistic nature and motivated towards producing large scale installation. I have an impulse to create. Being very interested in Ancient Egypt and Artifacts with a strong artistic nature and cultural context. Creating unusual artworks being a goal to create attractive items of sculpture. Mostly being objective about items found and explained by Archaeologists interest me. This I find opens up concept ideas that turn into unusual creations.

Ruxton Sculpture .com

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NCAD National College of Art and Design

Created by Kenneth Ruxton

NCAD  (National College of Art and Design)